Siding Installer wanted in Canada

24 Mar

 A siding installer is a tradesperson who is responsible for the installation of

siding products to the exterior of residential and commercial buildings.

Siding is installed to provide protection as well as deliver a decorative


Primary Tasks:

● Attach house wrap or other material to building surface using staples,

nails or adhesives.

● Attach wood or metal laths to the surface using a screw gun, nail gun, or


● Fit and fasten siding material to laths or framing studs using

a measuring device (tape measure, transit or laser level), hammer or

nail gun, or adhesives.

● Cut and trim material to size and shape to fit using shears (powered or

hand-operated), saw (powered or hand-operated), or utility knives.

● Fill joints and cracks with caulking compound using a caulk gun, putty


Conditions of Employment

Achieving the goals and objectives stipulated in performance


● Observe the company’s safety practices and procedures at all times,

without exception.

● Arriving to work on time, wearing the appropriate personal protective

equipment, and having the required tools for the assigned worksite


● Working long or unusual hours during the peak season, often in

inclement weather.

● Being in good accord with colleagues and seeking dispute resolution

through the offices of human resources.

● Representing the company with professionalism when dealing with

clients and the public.

Minimum English level –



Minimum Educational level


None specified

Driver’s license – Yes/No No

Duration of Contract 1-year minimum, 2 if approved for that

Possibility of renewals- Yes/No Yes

Gender: Male

Minimum years of experience: 2+ years

Job Location – Province Hamilton, Ontario

The main activity of the business:

Building construction, roofing, and exteriors.

Wage: $22 per hour Siding Installer, 

Shifts: During the day

Hours: 8-10 per day, 40-44 per week


Specific Requirements for the

job ● Good physical health, with good

vision and spatial awareness.

● Good balance and safety awareness.

● Ability to work well on a team.

● Good oral and written communication


● Ability to work within timelines.

● Ability to get along well with all kinds

of people.

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