Stone Mason wanted in Ontario, Canada

24 Mar

 Stone Masons and Bricklayers lay bricks, concrete blocks, stone, and other

similar materials to construct or repair walls, arches, chimneys, fireplaces,

and other structures in accordance with blueprints and specifications.

Primary Tasks:

● Cut and trim bricks and concrete blocks to specification using hand and

power tools.

● Prepare and lay bricks, concrete blocks, stone, structural tiles, and

similar materials to construct or repair walls, foundations, and other

structures in residential, industrial, and commercial construction.

● Lay bricks or other masonry units to build residential or commercial

chimneys and fireplaces.

● Lay radial bricks to build masonry shells of industrial chimneys.

● Lay or install firebricks to line industrial chimneys and smokestacks.

Lay bricks, stone, or similar materials to provide veneer-facing walls

or other surfaces.

● Construct and install prefabricated masonry units.

● Lay bricks or other masonry units to build patios, garden walls, and

other decorative installations.

Conditions of Employment

Achieving the goals and objectives stipulated in performance


● Observe the company’s safety practices and procedures at all times,

without exception.

● Arriving to work on time, wearing the appropriate personal protective

equipment, and having the required tools for the assigned worksite


● Working long or unusual hours during the peak season, often in

inclement weather.

● Being in good accord with colleagues and seeking dispute resolution

through the offices of human resources.

● Representing the company with professionalism when dealing with

clients and the public.

1-year contract.

Hours: 8-10 per day, 40-44 per week

Wage: $32 per hour

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